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Serving Bowral Since 1996

Since 1996, Sleep Doctor has been offering exceptional customer service to Bowral and the wider Southern Highlands region. Our team is committed to providing personalised in-home consultations for clients who are unable to visit our store. We are proud to supply high-quality Australian-made mattresses from top manufacturers.

Our team provides reliable service and support to the region through our on-site technicians and sales team, who specialise in adjustable beds and mattresses, as well as mobility scooters and adjustable lift chairs.

At Sleep Doctor, we provide guidance and assistance to Occupational Therapists who work with NDIS and insurance clients needing specialised care beds and mattresses. We supply the necessary products and documentation to comply with government regulations and ensure that our clients receive the best possible care.

What mattress should I buy

Purchasing a mattress is an incredibly personal decision. Factors such as body shape, weight, height, and personal preferences can greatly impact overall satisfaction, as well as the longevity of the mattress. As time passes, mattresses will be subject to wear and tear, so it is essential to ensure that the mattress foundation and structure are functioning seamlessly together. Below are some key considerations to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Generally there are three feels, soft, medium and firm; this applies to the comfort layer of the mattress only not the spring or foundation of the mattress
  • Mattresses are prone to wear and tear, certain materials will wear better over time than others
  • The support you feel is more important than comfort, try the mattress in your natural sleeping position


The highs and lows of adjustable beds

At Sleep Doctor, we provide comprehensive delivery, setup, and training services to our clients. Our team arranges delivery to Bowral and the Southern Highlands region, and our specialist installers cover all aspects of the setup. After they leave, all you need to do is make the bed. We also offer the option to remove your old bed for your convenience.

We offer a wide selection of over twenty adjustable beds and mattresses to accommodate individual needs. We believe that every person deserves a customised sleeping surface that is specifically designed for their unique requirements.

Our range is suitable for clients with disabilities, varying weight ranges from 30kg to 250kg, individuals with sleep-related issues, and those with conditions such as reflux or spinal injuries. Additionally, our adjustable beds can be tailored to suit specific height requirements for those in wheelchairs, those who are shorter or taller in stature, or to match the height of an existing bed.

Contact us for further details about the types of services listed above or anything else bedding and mobility related, we would be happy to help out. Call us on 02 4851 4402 or email via 

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