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What are loft and bunk beds? 

Our Southern Highlands bunk beds are an excellent space-saving solution for your child to maximise their space or for children sharing a smaller room. Have your pick from single bunks to double bunks or bunk beds with trundles for sleepovers. Bunk beds provide more bedroom floor space for other furniture, like a bedside table, desk and closet, or floor space for the kids to play games.

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At Sleep Doctor Bowral, we pride ourselves on stocking a wide array of Australian-made bunk beds in various styles to make the most of your space. Our Nash Single Loft Bunk Bed is ideal for one child in a smaller room to combine their bed, storage and study space to have them ready for school in no time.

If there’s a bit of an age gap between your children, the older sibling will appreciate our single over double bunk beds in the Southern Highlands, with more space in the lower double bed to call their own. If your little one loves to have sleepovers, you can’t miss our single over double bunk beds with a double trundle — that means three mattresses! The bottom drawer opens up to another mattress and is perfect for stowing away when not in use.

Explore different decorative themes with our fun Vee Dub Surf Bus Bed for a single bunk or our Cloudy Single Over Double Trio Bunk Bed with a Single Trundle in white.

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From modern oak and white to our sleek timber slat loft beds in the Southern Highlands, we have something to suit all children’s tastes. Sleep Doctor Bowral is renowned for its top-quality Australian-made bunk beds and mattresses to provide our customers with a good night's sleep.

Sleep Doctor has been working with local charities for many years now. They say it takes a community to raise a child, but it also takes a community to raise hope, starting at home.

Contribute to better sleep for your family and our social cause by exploring our range of adjustable beds and mattresses fit for the whole family. If you have any questions, contact us at our email campbelltown@sleepdoctor.com.au or by phone at (02) 4851 4402.